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A New Project? Someone Kill The Plotbunnies!

Playwrighting.  Hmm.

We're so close to finishing this year's show,  but the kids have spring fever, so I decided that we're 'done enough'  and proposed to write a short one-act before the end of the year.  Superhero Therapy, it's called.  I like it.  So far, anyway.  We have about a page, I'd guess, but basically it's Batman picking on Superman, Spiderman lurking in a corner, Catwoman having a catnip problem , Wonder Woman being just a pain in the ass, and then there's the pink Power Ranger to round off the cast list.  (I think we'll probably just mock her.)  Will it change the world?  No.  Absolutely not.  But that's not what we set out to do, either.  Whatever the case, it's better than alienating one's students by making them work on something that they're bored with.  

Are you reading the fics at ginnylovesdraco?  Mine hasn't been posted yet.  *waits patiently*

After last week's emo-ness, I felt as if all of the creativity were sucked out of my body through my fingernails...  but now it appears to be back.  That's the good news.  The bad news is,  I haven't got it all together, because I completely forgot to take a meal over to my friend's house who had a baby a couple of weeks ago.  I'm a very, very bad friend.  *is horrified*  How can I make it up to her?  I was thinking a big basket of snacks and maybe a couple of giftcards to restaurants.  Gah, I suck.  Truly.

I have tonight and tomorrow off from The Lonesome West and then we do it Wednesday through Sunday.  *prays for strength*
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