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Sweet Husbands Who Make it Better...

Today is definitely a better day.  When I came home from rehearsal last night (10:30), there were candles, red wine, strawberries...and hubby.  I definitely do not deserve him.  But since he's mine, I'll go ahead and keep him.
Thanks to all you girls for cheering me up, you guys are so sweet! *hugs flist*

Part of the set.  It looks depressing, huh?  The potatoes in the St. Frances statue of the floor have sprouted.  It's disgusting.  The sick part is, they came from my pantry.  Have I cooked much lately?  Erm, no.

The aforementioned shotgun and crucifix, we decided we didn't need the crock pot.  :)

Handsome Troy, as Coleman

Sweet Jeff, as Father Welsh

Fun David, as Valene (who is terribly handsome in real life, this pic...  tsk.)

Lovely Malina, in her hot rollers...

Last view of the set, in all its bleakness.

It really is a good show...  it's just been hard to live in for the past 6 weeks.  7 more nights!  (Not counting tonight...)
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