Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

I must be outta my mind.

I posted a chapter of my story today.
The theatre's Junior Company is producing the play we wrote last year in my  Playwrighting class.
I had lunch with Jason.
Nolan took out the trash AND mowed & edged the yard while I was at rehearsal last night.
It was mother's day out today.
We are almost done with this year's play in Playwrighting class.
I am healthy.
My kids are healthy.
I successfully recorded another podcast, and didn't have to bug Lyndsie (as much) this time.
Jeff asked me to gather up some ideas for what to do at the adventure space next season.
I had chips and queso today.
My hair looks nice.
I put together quite the cute outfit to wear today.
I have a new car.
I'm meeting with the Artistic director soon to decide my involvement for next season.
I have friends and family that love and adore me.

Why do I feel like crying constantly?  Hormones SUCK.  9 more nights of The Lonesome West... getting out of 'Ireland' might help considerably...
Tags: drama, mini happy list

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