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The "Care Quotient" Is Low

I believe if you are given a job to do, you do it to the best of your ability.  "Don't half-ass it," was the eloquent phrase my father used to use, but let me tell you...  I'm getting sick and FREAKING tired of all the crap I'm having to do.  Assistant Director my ASS.

I've received 2 emails today telling me things that need to be changed for the show today.  "We can't use gelatin for the melted wax, we have to use pudding.  No, pudding is the wrong consistency, try yogurt.  The shirts are too clean.  Get some cream colored ones.  We need more Tea (bourbon!).  We need more Dr. Pepper (Guinness!) We need a pint of Irish Whiskey.  

No wait.  That was for me.

No it wasn't!  That's for the show, too.  Now we need a tasteless painting to hang over the mantle.  *growls*  I'm sorry, let me check my secret pocket! *pats self, Columbo-style* Nope, sorry!  Fresh out of tacky paintings!

I love theatre.  I love theatre.  I love theatre.

And I swear to whoever is listening, if they shoot that gun off one more time when they're not supposed to without letting people know what they are doing I AM GOING TO COME UNCHAINED.

And no one likes Persephone Unchained.

That's an excellent title for a story....that I may write if I don't die in the gunfire spontaneously combust before finishing this production of The Lonesome West.  They may find me final dress, huddled in the corner by the prop table, in my blacks, sucking on a tupperware container of Jameson's Irish Whiskey and ruing the day they told me that, "The Dr. Pepper was a little flat".  Because let me tell you, Persephone is just about *holds up thumb and forefinger* this far  from the edge.  You don't mess with a woman on the edge.  You just don't.

You know, there's a reason I didn't major in production. 

Okay.  I'll now send you back to your regularly scheduled fluffy bunnies and rainbows.
Tags: bitchiness, drama, theatre

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