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Tea, Taytos, and Toaster Strudel

I'm feeling a little bitchy today, sorry in advance.  I tried to write today and couldn't.  I was edgy and distracted.  I probably should go to the gym, but I don't freakin' feel like it.  Grr.

So this 'assistant director ' thing is not the most fun I've ever had.  It involves a LOT of work outside the theatre, and not too much fun inside the theatre.  I have to make 2 gallons of tea (supposed to be bourbon, can't have the talking props getting trashed onstage) every day and lug it up to the theatre.  I also have to make the food for the show, I think, although it might be possible to get out of that.  I'll be melting wax every night for an effect, and cleaning up the mess the actors make after it's all over.  I can't wait til hell week (erm, tech week?) next week, so I can start handing some of this mundane crap over to the crew.

The set looks fabulous, I went and painted on Saturday.  Must post pics of that soon.  The cast is coming together, lines are being memorized, and all in all, it's starting to look like a show!  Hooray!  There's a part of the script where the brothers fight over these chips (crisps) called Tatyos.  The director had them shipped from Ireland especially for the show.  A package got opened last night for pictures, and then got left by my chair, and I ate the whole bag, and was truly sad when there weren't any more.  It distresses me greatly that you can't get these chips in the states.  They're wonderful.  I probably only want them because I know I can't have them.  Any leftover bags are mine, though.  Everybody else better back off.

Speaking of food, I bought my boys Toaster Strudel for the first time last week....  let me say, there'll be no going back to Pop Tarts.  They turned their noses up this morning.  Spoiled like their mommy, they are!

My sweet Nolan and me.

I did get to post a chapter of my story today!  That always makes me happy.  It could all be worse, right?

Tags: angst, pictures, rehearsal, theatre

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