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Movie Review Monday

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  **

 Okay, I didn’t go in expecting much, so I wasn’t too disappointed.  The boys loved it and I giggled a few times.  It was blessedly PG, there was no swearing like the live action movies from years past (Important when your target audience is 5 & 7).  Splinter sounded a little like a stroke victim, and the animation was alright, once I got used to it.  Some of it was really well done.  Note the pic spam below... 

Mogombo  ***

 Clark Gable.  Nice.  Hubby lusted after Ava Gardner, too.  Set in a sweaty jungle and African plains with angst and infidelity.  Pretty sexy for 1950 whatever.  Thanks for the recommendation, Rainpuddle!


Butterfield 8  ***

 Liz Taylor at her best.  She really was (is) a good actress.  This one’s about a high priced call girl who wants to go straight when she finds true love.  Only he’s married.  But he falls in love with her, too.  This does NOT end the way I wanted it to, and you certainly don’t expect the ending, either.  Still a good movie.


The Big Sleep ***

 A private detective solves a case surrounding a rich family with all sorts of plot twists and turns.  I didn’t have it all figured out ahead of time. (Hubby did, but he’s really, really smart.)  What is it about Humphrey Bogart?  He isn’t handsome, but the macho, suave, slightly mocking manner is a good thing.  Hubby agreed that Lauren Bacall wasn’t so much beautiful as she is exotic.  The chemistry between those two, however, is really good.

Excuse the turtle's hair.  We'd been wearing ball caps all day!


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