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My husband sucks the joy out of shopping.

So I go shopping for Nolan.  Not fun anyway, because he's so tall.  And picky.  And I find clothes (XLT and 36x36) that will fit him.  I got it ALL on sale (not  for sale, but on sale) and he wants to take it all back because he doesn't like it.  Well HE can take it back, and HE can shop for his own self.  Hmmph.

*huffs and stomps around*

I don't like to shop anyway.  I like to purchase.  Get in, BUY, get out, nobody gets hurt.  HE likes to shop.  He'll walk around and look for HOURS and NOT EVEN BUY ANYTHING.  I just don't get that.  That's a wasted day, in my estimation.

*puts finger to lips, in a pensive manner, thinking*

He's taking me to lunch, though.  I really am a spoiled rotten brat, you know.  But he's spoiled, too.  We're a matched set.  

Aaron is complaining that he doesn't want to go to lunch.  He wants to watch Chicken Little and eat a sandwich and pringles at home.  Ahhhh....  Preschool starts next week...  hallelujah.

Rehearsal tonight.  Big dramatic teary scene between mother daughter.  Chewing on the scenery and the like.  Good times.  Have to take tthe boys with for the first part, though, as Nolan has a meeting.  Trying not to be spoiled about it, though.  They BETTER behave.  If they don't, the dreaded, heinous wooden spoon will again make an appearance.

If they don't, life will NOT be fabulous.  For them.

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