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It's best not to think about it too much.

I just submitted the contest fic.  It's almost a thousand more words than the last time I posted.  *g*  I'm relieved, and at the same time uneasy (not just because I noticed no less than three mistakes right after I sent it - Gah).  It happens that way whenever I write something.  The first time one of my plays was produced, I had the worst case of ...  I guess you could say 'stage fright', ever.  It's rather like handing a newborn over to someone else and hoping that they take as good care of it as you would yourself.  It isn't even about being judged.  I mean, I'm an actress.  If that doesn't set you up for being judged, I don't know what does.  And I feel no trepidation about putting myself out there for view...  but what I've written seems so much more personal, somehow.  Perhaps it's to do with my confidence as an actress as opposed to being a writer.  

Ho hum.  Too much introspection for a Thursday morning.

On a strictly fun note, speaking of playwriting, another of mine might be produced at the theatre I work for!  Squee!  It's one that my playwrighting class and I did last year, the one I got my penname from.  The thought that it even might be done makes me incredibly hopeful.  The only thing better than writing a play is watching it being performed on stage and the giddy feeling at the audience's reaction.  

I'm about to have lunch with my handsome husband at my favorite restaurant.  Life does not get more fabulous that that.
Tags: fan fiction, playwrighting, theatre, writing

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