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Authors Come in All Shapes and Sizes.

I have a question for the flist.  Have I punctuated this correctly?

The flat was what he imagined people called ‘cosy,’ but what his mother would have disparaged as ‘untidy’ or ‘cluttered,’ which in Narcissa-speak was on par with ‘war zone,’ ‘ebolic,’ and ‘third world-esque.’  

Do the commas go in the quotation marks or on the outside?  My brain's fried and I can barely form a coherent sentence.  I did finish putting the beta corrections in my contest story, but I think I need to read through it one more time before sending it off, and that, unfortunately, won't be today.  I have a monster headache.  

My son, aged almost seven, who has been put off several times in the past few weeks in favor typing furiously at the computer, came to me today with a question.

Ethan.  How many books have you written, mommy?

Me.  I'm working on my first one.  I'm about halfway through.

Ethan.  (pulls out stapled stacks of notebook paper from behind his back)  I've written three.

*mommy's mouth drops open unbecomingly*

And so he has.  They are entitled Rescue Heroes Find Their First Volcano, A Hard Day in the Jungle, and Cowboys doomed and a Gorilla (my personal favorite).  And they're illustrated.  In color.  He rocks.  I suck.  I see his point, though.  So this afternoon I'm taking a break from all things computer and taking my kids to the park.

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