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Oh, for crying out loud already.

I was so close.

So bloody close.

All week last week the kiddos were home(curse you, spring break), then the weekend came around, hubby nowhere to be found(going to fantasy baseball drafts, NRA banquets-don't get me started- and fishing), the boys BOUNCING off the freaking walls...  but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, right?  Monday morning.  Like a beacon, beckoning a drowning man.

Mixed metaphors aside, I was really looking forward to today.  Sending their little selves to school.  And the oldest wakes up with what might be pinkeye and strep, but what is probably allergies.  The doctor said to keep him home today, just in case.  

*insert curse word here* (the big, double barrelled ones that I probably used in college)

I'm on the verge of hysteria, don't you know.  

You'll all hear the explosion from where you are, if they aren't well enough to go to bloody school by tomorrow. *growls*

I have a fun afternoon ahead of me, making bloody dog's ears (it's a black, sick & twisted comedy) buying wax and writing a dozen 4 page handwritten letters.  I also have to photoshop a picture of my dog to put on the set. Theatre is so weird.

What are you doing today?

Oh, I'm making some bloody dog's ears.  You know, the usual.  

The actors (talking props!) are supposed to be off book tonight (memorized).  It's a two hour, four person show.  You do the math.  I think it'll probably be painful.  "Line!"

Okay...  send 'well' thoughts to Ethan, as I might resort to drastic measures involving bungee cords and duct tape if he has to stay home tomorrow, too.
Tags: drama, kids, sick, theatre

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