Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Rehearsal Update and Podcast

It's spring break and the kiddos are home...  there is not a peaceful moment to be had.  It's anarchy.

Rehearsal is wonderful.  Some parts are more wonderful than others, but overall still pretty great.  We have a set, and almost all of the props.  I'm taking the girl playing Girleen to costume her this week, she has to look horrible, so that'll be fun.  And I have to find pants and jackets for the guys.  Less fun.  Men's clothes (modern ones, anyway) are boring.  We have to make the men look manky as well, and It'll be a chore, as we've cast some really good looking ones.  It's hard to make pretty people ugly.  =P

I'm so close to finishing the contest fic.  So.  Stinking.  Close.  Gah!  It won't flow !  AHHHH!

However, mynuetwas brilliant and able to upload the podcast I recorded.  It's at  It's not my absolute best work, but I had an awfully good time recording it.  Go listen!
Tags: podcast, rehearsal

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