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This is the third time I've tried to post today.... 

*gnashes teeth menacingly at sketchy laptop computer*

So I'm very sore today.  I went to my favorite dance aerobics class...  very dancey and fun, and is my butt sore?  My legs?  No.  My back hurts.  I believe your body disinigrates bit by bit after thirty.  Unfortunate, but there you have it.  It's all downhill from here, folks.

I spent the morning being angry and moody, mooching around in a bad mood.  I was doing laundry and balancing the checkbook (yes, liberal arts girl was doing MATH thankyouverymuch) two of the most heinous tasks in the free world.  Plus, I was mad at Nolan (having to do with me taking his car to rehearsal last night and running out of gas on the way home at 10:30 in the RAIN) for him not taking responsibility when he is wrong....  but then he came home after lunch and apologized (and I quote, "it was all my fault, anyway")- Bliss!  Making up is ever so much fun in the middle of the afternoon.  *sigh*

The boys are going to be with a sitter tonight, Nolan has to be at the church for Ladies Night as a watchman (ironic, since I don't even get to go) and I have to be at rehearsal early to make up for one of our cast not being able to make it to rehearsal last night... due to flash flooding.  (A teenage boy drowned last night - so sad) .  Needless to say, I've spent the afternoon cleaning up our home so the sitter won't know how we really live.  Do other people do this, too?  Bathrooms, mop, dust, lick and a promise.  No dishes in the sink.  Is it fake?  Kind of.  But what are you gonna do?

This is the first afternoon in a week that it hasn't been raining.  It's humid, though, still.  What happened to dry air?  

Life is still fabulous though.  Truly.

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