Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Sense and Sensibility

I own this movie and had not watched it in ages, so I pulled it out to watch while a did an enormous pile of ironing, to make the chore more palatable.  This movie is SO GOOD, for so many different reasons.  It is beautifully filmed, costumed and acted.  Alan Rickman has never been more attractive.  Hugh Laurie is a complete delight to watch.  Is there any character less redeemable than Fannie Dashwood?  Gah, I hate her!  Everytime I read or watch this, I want John Dashwood to grow a backbone, but alas, he never does.  Emma Thompson is too old to play Eleanor, but I completely understand why she did so.  The scene wherein Miss Dashwood finds out that Edward isn't married is so visceral...  I always feel it with her.  And when she gets emotional at Marianne's sickbed telling her that she can't live without her...  well, I think you might have to have a sister to understand that.  So, chalk it up to sentimentality, or hormones, I cried.  And had a fabulous time.  If you haven't seen the movie, or better yet, read the book, you really must.  Go.

This icon reminds me of me and my little sister when we were younger.  Love you, Em!

We have not just one but TWO children's birthday parties to attend this weekend.  If  you know me at all, you know the intense LOATHING I hold for these events.  *sigh of despair*  And to top it off, Aaron's fifth birthday party will be held next weekend.  No getting away from that one, I guess.

Everyone have a lovely weekend!
Tags: disgust for children's birthday parties, drama, movie review

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