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How much do I love my dog?

Apparently $140 dollars worth.  I swear, the Katie goes to the vet more often that the rest of us go to the doctor.  But she's almost 9 years old, we've had her longer than either one of the kids, and to be honest, she doesn't KNOW she's a dog.  

She's a spoiled rotten brat princess with a horrible ear infection, but I lurrrve her.

I have lipstick smudged under my nose in this pic.  Must find a way to photoshop that out.

There was a guy with a bull mastiff at the vet this morning.  It was the size of a Shetland Pony, maybe a little bigger.  230 lbs!  Makes Kate (at 64 lbs) seem tiny.  It didn't stop her from growling at him, even though he could've eaten her for a mid morning snack!

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