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Theatre Pic Spam

Life is fabulous again.

*contented sigh*

Here's some theatre spam for anyone interested...

Introducing the Pigeon sisters to Felix

Gwendolyn listens very intently to Oscar

Gwendolyn remembers her marriage to Sydney, who died before their divorce came through...

The Odd Couple boys...  so sweet, I miss them all!

Bye, Felix....

And this is from Steel Magnolias from October...  I'm supposed to be playing a 24 year-old in this pic (Shelby), I don't think I made it, but have decided to post it anyway.

So anyway...  auditions for Lonesome West went well last night, I cannot believe how many talented people my hometown boasts.  It is a very dark piece, however, with no redeeming characters or happy ending.  Yikes.  Must come up with a way to not let myself get sucked into the lack of joy, there.

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