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"It doesn't taste THAT bad," she lied.

This day is not going as planned.  

Tuesdays and Thursdays are "Mother's Day Out."  My sweet 4 year old has the croup, and thus cannot go to school today, and he has required much, much more of my attention than usual.  He needs breathing treatments, which he does NOT appreciate.  They are much easier to give to him now than when he was a baby, and for that I am grateful.  He wants me to hold him, (he weighs 55 lbs, so it's only when I'm sitting that I can do this) and watch movies with him, and so far I've been subjected to Sesame Street (kind of nostalgic), Star Wars, Attack of the Clones (Not too shabby, Hayden Christensen (sp?), yummy!) and Blue's Big Musical (Blue's Clues makes me want to poke my eyes out).  He categorically refuses to take a nap, which is really what he needs.

And WHY in heaven's name have they not come up with a way to make Robitussin taste better in the last 25 years?  It tastes every bit as crappy as it did when I was little!

I do enjoy cuddling the little one, he's usually moving so fast he doesn't have time for a hug.  My shopping excursion, grocery store trip, lunch with friends, and other superfluous errands can wait til my 'baby' is better.

I've got a major case of writer's block.  The only thing I seem to be able to write is the play for the class I teach, and that's supposed to be a group effort!  If anyone out there sees my muse, could you slap her around and send her back to Texas?
Tags: kids, playwrighting, sick, writing

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