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NaBloPoMo - The Second Day

Well, I think I've hit upon the reason that I've quit posting all the time. It seems that I'm quite boring (And I don't know that I was that interesting back in the day, but I was definitely chattier). So, I guess I'll tell you what I did today. A Day In the Life of the Carrie, as it were.

Ethan and AJ had a friend spend the night last night, and when I got up, they were starving, so I made eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy. If you've never had this particular delight of a Southern breakfast, my heart weeps for you. I don't eat it often (because hello, fat & cholesterol!), but I did eat it this morning. And it was GOOD.

Nolan and all three boys went out to AAA Electric where Nolan and AJ started work on AJ's science project: a catapult. (My idea for his science project was to grow 2 plants, a control and a experiment, but there were pursed lips all around.) I'll keep you updated on the catapult. SO far, so good, although I think Nolan's having a much better time than the boy.

After they left, I went to the theatre and did a little work. I'm the costumer for White Christmas (YAY!) and I'd pulled a bunch of costumes from stock, and organized them so that the actors can try them on this week, with a little more ease. I need to go pull more this week. There are a crapton of costumes in this show. A CRAPTON. When I came out of the theatre, I got mauled by a dragon. ²

After I did all I could do at the theatre, I went shopping. We've recently had our bedroom repainted from a claret red to a soothing grey-blue, and I went looking for curtains (which we've never had in our bedroom - we've only lived here 5.5 years; I don't like to make snap decisions ³), and new bedding. I hit the jackpot and found both! I also bought a down duvet, which feels super decadent, and got a head start of Christmas shopping, since so much of my time in the next month is going to be spent at the theatre. I got a lot for Ethan and a little for AJ. I need to keep a list of what I buy, since if I can't see it, it doesn't exist, and then when I pull things out to start wrapping, I'm like, "Oh, YEAH. I forgot about this." *4

I went to the grocery store, came home, did four loads of laundry and cleaned the house a little for book club tomorrow, and put all my new bedding on. It looks very pretty, and I'm very pleased. Once I get the husband to put up the hardware for the drapes, I'll take a picture. *5

Of course, that happens on his time, not mine, so... maybe by Christmas?

If you stayed for all of this, God bless you. I feel like I need to give you a parting gift. A virtual Tootsie Roll Pop? They come in blueberry and banana flavor now, don'tcha know. *6

2 - I didn't get mauled by a dragon. I was just checking to see if you were paying attention.
3 - I feel like you're judging me. That doesn't seem very nice of you, just so you know.
4 - That's when I start doling out gifts that I maybe didn't originally buy for one person to another person. It isn't re-gifting, but it's close. And maybe a little shady.
5 - maybe then you'll get up off my back about not having curtains in the bedroom. Man.
6 - This is completely true. Both flavors are delightful.

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