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The Last Month (and a half) in Photoessay Form

Hi there, all! It seems that the month of September came to school, ate my lunch and then kicked my rear end like you wouldn't believe.  I can count the amount of time I had to spend on the computer in minutes per week, instead of hours.  It was refreshing, in its way.  Here it is in one neatly wrapped up post.  Ready?  Here we go.

1.  I got 162 costumes unpacked, catalogued, fitted to actors, altered, repaired, cleaned, repacked and shipped back from whence they came.  The above shot is a completely candid photo by my friend Jason...  It was after we got all of the costumes out of the 16 boxes, and he captured the fifteen minutes I went through all of the five stages of grief and had a few dozen mini panic attacks.  Then I pulled it together and got the job done.

2.  My Daddy and Aunt came for a visit, and my sister and her family were able to come up for the day, so we all got to hang out.  Ignore AJ's crossed eyes.  That kid, man.  What a goober.

3.  It was a fun weekend and a good day.  Dad and Aunt Rhonda went to the show with us and we ate a lot of food and hung out.  Good times. 

4.  This show.  This crappy iPhone photo does NOT do it justice.  My adorable (professional photographer) friend Chriselda's blog does, though and if you click here, you can see the pictures in all of their glory.  They're really, really good.

5.  My friend Rose had a baby!  This little guy, Samuel.  He's super sweet.  My friend Tana had a baby, too!  A little girl named Quinn. She's a really delicate beauty.  Alas, there is no picture.

6.  I was in a hair show, and got FIVE inches cut off my hair.  I'm cranky about the cut.  I liked it fine when it was done, but it's turned out to be kind of a pain to style.  The day was really fun, though.  I had my makeup professionally done, a speacially picked out top, mimosas and breakfast and lunch and sangria and so forth.  AND I got to wear about 50,000 dollars in jewelry, which really makes my skirt fly up, if you know what I mean.  And hair grows, right?  It will grow.  To be perfectly honest, I seem to be the only one that's noticed that it was any different at all.

7.  Nolan, his dad, and the boys went to Platoro, CO, and Red River, NM for the weekend.  They had fun and I got a lot done in their absence.  Like the monumental strike for Les Miz.

My oldest is playing football.  He's not had a lot of playing time, but  #10 looks cute in his uniform.

Really, stinking cute.

We got RAIN.  And thunderstorms.  Now the leaves are turning pretty colors, but the sunflowers actually bloomed this year.  The fields were a sea of yellow.  It made me so happy.

I wrote an article for Amarillo Magazine.  It's really, wonderfully fulfilling to see your words in print.

And that's about it.  Or at least, that's the more interesting bits.  Or the parts I took pictures of, and thus remember.  Hope everyone else had a great September!  Onward to Halloween!
Tags: 100+ things that make me happy, aaron, costumes, ethan, hair, nolan, theatre, writing

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