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I Triple Dog Dare You

Hello, September. You sort of crept up on me, stalker style.

Anyhow, so I'm in a blind panic, because I'm about to be the age I always thought was OLD. F#rty. (It's the new F-bomb, dont'cha know.) What I want to know is... When the crap did that happen? I still want to write Carrie Wagster, Grade 4 on all my papers.

Alas, whether or not I'm ready, it's coming. So in preparation, I'm on a perpetual self-improvement kick.

I started this three days ago, and so far, so good.


Or more appropriately, so far, so OHGODHELPMEITHURTS. I'm not telling the number I started with, but I wish I had started with half as much.

Technically, you were supposed to start Saturday, but I think September doesn't actually start until after Labor Day. (It's ironic, my husband's business phone has been ringing off the hook today. I suppose people don't mind paying double time for an electrician on a holiday.) So you still have time, is what I'm saying. You'll notice the title: It's not the mild double dog, but the much more sinister TRIPLE DOG DARE.

So get to squatting. :)
Tags: diet, exercise

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