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My baby is growing up!

Sweet Ethan Conrad (see picture) had his first day of first grade today.  He began my mortification by asking me just to drop him off and not walk him in, (which I naturally refused) and then when I went to hold his hand in the parking lot, he shoved his little hands in hin pockets.  If he could drive, he wouldn't need me at all.  I'm superfluous.  He was so excited, though, I couldn't really be sad.  

Rehearsal is going well.  The blocking doesn't feel stilted at all, sometimes it really does...  directors trying to force movements that don't go with the dialogue...  but this is good.  The fixing hair I'm a little worried about, though.  It's actually supposed to be a beauty shop with a shampoo station, rollers, etc.  Worrisome.  Jeff says we'll have a hair day, though.  He's great at that stuff.  He's helped me numerous times with hair and makeup.  So maybe I'm not THAT concerned.

Off to do menial chores like grocery shopping, laundry, floor mopping etc.  My life is EVER so exciting.


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