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Rock Of Ages

I just went to see it.

By myself.

Can I say that I'd probably enjoy it more a second time? Now that I'm not expecting, you know... great acting. Or character development. Or a plot.

It's way campy, which of course I love. Tom Cruise is the perfect blend of hardcore eighties rocker and drugged out crazy. Catherine Zeta Jones made me snort several times. The woman is older than me and she can dance. Wow.

The rock 'n roll, though. It's all the good stuff. There was a joke in there about boy bands that made me laugh SO hard. When you grew up with the music I did, it was (is) very hard to reconcile yourself to listening to boy bands. Sorry, internet.

So yeah, I'd see it again, just to enjoy the music and the dorkiness.

Or I could skip it and just buy the soundtrack.

(Even though I own all that - even the embarrassing stuff - by the original artists.)

The eighties. Our hair was too big, our clothes were awful, but our music ROCKED.
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