Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

The Rest of London Picture Post (minus witty commentary)

2012-06-03 20.27.07
The flowers in the lobby of the hotel. They smelled fantastic.

2012-06-06 08.28.00 HDR
Room Service, the morning of our anniversary. Before we went to have an 80 minute massage. Good times.

2012-06-06 14.11.16 HDR
Nolan took this picture. I think he was amused that England has dollar stores, too.

2012-06-06 14.59.14 HDR
Fish & Chips! (Nolan's, not mine)

2012-06-07 19.33.15
Before seeing The 39 Steps! (Awesome show. Catherine Bailey, who played the roles that I played back in the fall, Tweeted me back!)

2012-06-08 10.05.51
For elle_blessing; the White Chapel Art Gallery. It was going to open a new facade exhibit the next week, so the pic is less than brilliant.

2012-06-08 10.40.43
We walked for 45 minutes in rain with my feet complaining in a pair of Toms Wedges for these bagels, pronounced "The Best in Britain." Eh, they were okay.

2012-06-08 11.28.54
Mr. Nolan at high tea. (He wants me to mention that the Queen is just out of range in the shot, but she had tea with us, and she was very nice.)

2012-06-08 11.58.57
A white goat near Spitalfield Market. I liked saying 'a white goat' in a Scottish accent.

2012-06-08 11.59.38
NK, determining the best course of action.

London 094
NK and a big stone lion. I can't remember where.

London 110
The courtyard at Westminster Abbey (across from which there's a rather lovely coffee cart.)

London 113
We. Us.

London 119
The police. Bobbies. The area around our hotel was SWARMING with them during the jubilee. Only some of them carried guns. And I think it was because it was a special occasion.

London 139
A WWII Air raid shelter. I took a pic because it looked like a Dalek. Anyone else?

London 141
Nolan, posing like a JC Penney's ad for room service.

2012-06-08 11.28.08
Me at high tea. My favorite part of the trip, I think. :)
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