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Be positive. When there's a light at the end of the tunnel, remind yourself it isn't a train.

So many things to say.

First of all, we're on day 7 of the mothpocalypse. By that, I mean that we didn't have a good hard freeze this Winter, and now we are OVERRUN by moths. It is a swarm of Biblical proportions, folks. And so, so gross. I opened up our attic space to find out why the air conditioner wasn't working, and was dive bombed by no less than two hundred moths when I turned on the light. I screamed, flailed, tripped going out the door and slammed it behind me as if the moths were zombies that wanted to eat my brain.

I don't like moths. They got in my hair. Gross.

Fortunately, they'll all die soon. And I'm not sad. One of my friends said it best: I used to feel bad for moths; they're butterflies without the fun colors. But they've gone to far.

Second, I took the job as the costumer for ALT's upcoming production of Les Miserables. We're one of the first Community Theatres in the country to get the rights, and that's awfully prestigious. I'm pretty excited about it, I won't lie. Les Miz is one of the first shows I ever saw on Broadway at the tender age of 18. It was a life-changing trip and I remember being spellbound during that show, and being utterly bereft, actually weeping at the story.

So I get to costume it, being that I can't sing. Not like that. And I like to costume the first show of the season. Especially if it has a French name.

Thirdly, Nolan and I are going to London at the beginning of June! It's been a long time coming, and we're going to see shows and do touristy things. I know there are some girls on my friends list that are British. Can you help us out? Is there anything we definitely can't miss?

Lastly, I got a shot in the rear end this morning, and it did not feel good. There was an infant in the exam room next door getting his immunizations, and although I did not wail loudly like he did, I can certainly understand the impetus. That crap hurt.

And that's all the news fit to type!
Tags: costumes, i hate woodland creatures, theatre, vacation

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