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A Life Well Lived

I intended to come home from my four day weekend and present you with a few words consisting of or abounding in pith regarding a dermatological visit, a Rached-type nurse and my own abject humiliation. Perhaps another time.

Instead, we got home and my father-in-law had to give us the sad news that while we were gone, our thirteen year-old black Labrador retriever, Katie Bell, passed away Easter Sunday.

She was an amazing dog. She once saved me from Zombies and a raccoon, liked to convince Nolan that she was a lap dog, served as a napkin for my youngest, was a bit like me (and vice-versa), and was generally the best dog in the natural free-born world.

We got to say goodbye as a family this evening, and put her to rest together.

Kate was loved well, and will be missed, for sure.
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