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*gasp* I'm mainstream? The Horror.

I have always been a little proud of my taste in music.  I thought it was at least unique, or a little special to someone of my age.  My musical leanings were very much influenced by my Dad and, oddly enough, my Stepfather (who had his issues, but his music was great) and by an older girl when I was a freshman in college.  She was 30, I was 18, and she took me under her wing and helped me out, and forced me to listen to classic rock.  I have come to discover that the music that I was so smug about knowing all of the lyrics to has become wildly popular.  It took my sons, my innocent little boys, to point this out to me.  The songs that I have on CD and listen to in the car and at home have become...  commercial.

I can't remember in what order it happened, but it started with The Who.  A five year old pipes up...  "That's from the T.V. show you watch, Mommy!"  

*Mommy makes an effort to make sure said five year-old doesn't see any of the Las Vegas-y or Morgue-ish scenes from CSI and goes on*

It continued with Charlie's Angels.  Heart, Journey, Bon Jovi...I swear I have just about everything from that second movie. Kid's Movies.  The Monkees,  Elton John (& not just the stuff he wrote for Disney), R.E.M., and of course Freddie Mercury and Queen.  (Okay, they've been this way since Wayne's World, but still.)  Even The Beatles.

So I've come to the conclusion that the music that I like is all commercial.  Even AC/DC.  Aerosmith.  I'm no longer quirky.  No longer special, because all my favorites have either been Muzaked to shop to at the grocery store or splashed all over the latest movie soundtrack.  Fine.  But I'm still singing along.  It just a little unnerving when the preschool kids in the backseat are singing along, too.

Though, this morning they were singing along to Yellow Submarine, which is decidedly not commercial, and thinking about those two little voices yelling, "Sky of blue!  Sea of green!"  sends me into fits of giggles four hours later.

I have a pick-up rehearsal tonight (Maybe I should look at my script.  Maybe I should look FOR my script), and then start the second weekend of the show, can't wait to have pics to post!
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