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It's been fun to be in a show with my husband. In fact, this is the first time I've been in a show with my husband; we've done things together in the past, but we were only friends, back then.

He's still a cutie.

I don't have a lot of stage time in this show, but it's still been fun. I've become proficient at Plants vs. Zombies and caught up on a lot of reading. I also costumed this show as well, since I had so much spare time. When you're looking at the pics, you can tell me what you think of the clothes! There were several good shots the photographer took of Nolan and me, and I'm sure I'll link the slideshow when she gets it up, but here are some she texted me yesterday:

Our characters do a lot of fighting in this show. On more than one occasion, we've been driving home from rehearsal and one of us has remarked, "I'm glad we aren't these people." Ethan found us after the show last night and said, "Please don't ever fight like that in real life."

My character does a little attempt at seduction to get back at her husband.

I'm having this one framed and sticking it on the wall next to our wedding portrait.

The photographer dubbed this one, "Attack of the great hair."

If you don't know the script, this won't make any sense, but this is a cake that the director got for us. It's an ear that's had the lobe shot through.

Ew. It tasted good, though. The red was cherry pie filling. ;)

So it's been a good time, is what I'm saying. There have also been some challenges, big ones, but there always are, aren't there? I'd do it again, though. In a heartbeat.
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