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Merry Birthday, Baby Jesus.


Christmas. Huh.

Can I confide something to all of you in internet land? Up until about three days ago, I was really alright with just cancelling this whole holiday. I was exhausted, annoyed, put upon, depressed, angry, and decidedly non-Christmas-y. I was all of those things, sometimes separately, sometimes altogether, until I got finished with all the superfluous 'ings.' (Shopping, wrapping baking, cooking, etc.) Once I got finished DOING and sat down and started THINKING and BEING, my entire attitude changed. I began remembering that the entirety for the season was NOT about making toffee (I made 10 batches) or decorating the house (It never ALL got up) or tying the perfect bow on a box (I'm the bow-tying mistress of the world, y'all).

But holy Moses, thank you, God, that it's not about all that. It's about the Savior. And it's NOT about me.

As I sit in my after Christmas morning stupor, wondering when exactly my kids will sleep past 5 am on Christmas morning, I'm serene and grateful and dare I say, happy. Thank you, God for that, too.

That said, I'll leave you with some pictures that didn't make it onto the Christmas card this year. I Hope all of you have a blessed day spent with people whom you love and adore!

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