Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

A Blog Cornucopia

...That's not to be confused with a blog about cornucopias, which would just be boring.

Nope. I've got something for everyone today, starting with a cute kid story.

The cute kid stories are a little thin on the ground nowadays; the boys are becoming self aware, sadly, which really cuts down on the comedic factor at our house.

But today, Ethan dressed up for drug-free Red Ribbon Week. (I don't know what it's about, or how dressing up in costumes makes you drug-free. I just love costumes, so any excuse to dress him up is enough for me.)

That rhymed.

Anyway, he came downstairs looking like this:

It was "Decade Day," so they could dress from any decade. He was from the fifties - kind of a rat pack look. Think Dean Martin without all the issues. When I picked him up from school to take him to the doctor, he was far more disheveled. As it happens, he told the doctor that "I switched hats with a friend, and wore my friend's red bandanna, and he wore my fedora."

Doctor. Why did you do that?

Ethan. So I could be in a gang.

Carrie. Charming, Ethan. Really classy.

Doctor. What gang?

Ethan. The only gang I know of is The Jets. which point I laughed hysterically for five minutes straight. And now I've got "When you're a jet you're a jet all the way" stuck in my head.

Today, as I closed my car door, I found that there was a mosquito enclosed in there with me. That's not cool, as wherever I get bitten resembles Quasimodo a bit, so I picked up a piece of paper to kill it, and I was about to strike, when it dropped dead out of the air.

I was taken aback. I mean, I was getting ready to kill it, but watching it die was sort of sad.

Ironic, I suppose. Or maybe I just have issues.

Probably the latter.

And lastly, here's the slideshow for the show I just costumed, entitled In the Next Room. I'm pretty proud of the way everything turned out. Click the link if you want to see all of the pretty pictures!

In the Next Room Slideshow HERE!

Oh, okay, one more thing. I auditioned for a play last night and got a callback, so send good thoughts, please!
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