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I cannot bear to hold it in any longer.

I love Fall.

LOVE. IT. I mean it. Fall Rocks.

I love the change in the weather, the sounds of the football coaches' whistles drifting through the neighborhood (ironic, but there you have it), homecoming, school supplies, autumn decorations... I love it all.

You know what I don't love?

Pumpkins. Freaking pumpkins, y'all. I don't love them. At all.

In the fall, every blog, coffee shop, corner bakery and amateur cook decides that grinding up gourds and shoving them into something that people PUT IN THEIR MOUTHS is a good idea. Butternut squash soup. Pumpkin waffles. Zucchini bread. Acorn squash ragout. The list goes on. I counted 24 recipes on my google reader about gourds. ABOUT GOURDS. Yuck.

I don't get it.

People LOVE the seasonal pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. They wait for them all year. They tweet. They Facebook. They wax rhapsodic.

I gag a little. I'm not gonna lie.

For me, there will be NO PUMPKIN COOKERY. (With the exception of THIS and THIS alone.) I won't have it. Even my turncoat sister said that she eats squash, now. (WHAT? I THOUGHT WE HAD SOLIDARITY! IT WAS THE ONLY THING WE HAD IN COMMON!)

She's dead to me. I hope she knows that.

There are really only a few things that I don't like. But the pervasiveness of this fall phenomenon is making it hard for me to enjoy my favorite season.

Anyhow, I'd like a squash filter for the fall season. I like my life squash-free.

This, however, seems too much to ask from the world. So I suppose I'll sigh and carry on. And still love my sister.

But I won't love squash. And you can't make me, world. So do please stop trying.
Tags: big ugly rant

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