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My "To Do" List is Out of Control.

Over the fast few weeks I have:

☆ Given a mini-seminar about how to properly put on pantyhose.

☆ Shown someone how to put on a bra all by themselves.

☆ Promised people not to blog about embarrassing stuff.

☆ Admitted that I've never seen a dance belt.

☆ Passed the buck on 'below the waist' underthings costuming.

☆ Poked myself in the fingers with sewing needles a billion times. Bled. Wore band-aids.

☆ Ruined my manicure.

☆ Returned and bought back the same four pairs of shoes.

☆ Inventoried lots of pretty costumes.

☆ Squealed like it was Christmas morning while I did so.

☆ Had a shoe breakdown.

☆ Regrouped.

☆ Was sweet to 95% of the actors who needed alterations.

☆ Made a note to apologize to the other 5%.

☆ Wondered where we're going to put all the headdresses.

☆ watched my to-do list quadruple in four hours.

☆ Reminded myself that it'll be worth it.

(The lovely Natasha)

☆ Really worth it.

More pictures when we're in full makeup and costume!

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