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02 September 2011 @ 06:38 pm
Style in 100 Pieces or Less  
I like to think I have a certain something when it comes to fashion. When I dress for the day, I put a little thought into the outfit. I have style of sorts. (Somedays that style is Strung Out Rodeo Clown, but I digress.)

My well-traveled, fashionista friend, Sylvia posted her own list compared to Nina Garcia's The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. I don't know Ms. Garcia, but I think I can take a pass on some of these. I've bolded the ones that I lack. And commented more than necessary, perhaps.

1. A-line Dress.

2. Animal Print.

3. Ankle Bootie. - I can't get on board with these. They just look silly on me.

4. Aviators. - They just aren't me. I have no desire to fly a plane.

5. Ballet flat.

6. Bangles.

7. Belts.

8. Bikini. - Have. Not wear.

9. Blackberry.
- I lost mine.

10. Black Opaque Tights.

11. Blazer.

12. Boyfriend Cardigan. - I have a billion regular cardigans. It counts.

13. Brooch.

14. Cable-Knit Sweater.

15. Caftan. - Not yet.

16. Camel Coat.

17. Cape.
- I am not Wonder Woman. Alas.

18. Cashmere Sweater.

19. Charm Bracelet.

20. Clutch.

21. Cocktail Ring.

22. Converse.

23. Cosmetics Bag.

24. Cowboy Boots.

25. Cuff.

26. Denim Jacket.

27. Diamond Studs.

28. Driving Shoe. - I have shoes I wear when I drive. Is that the same thing?

29. Espadrilles.

30. Evening Gown.

31. Exotic Skin Bag.

32. Fishnets.

33. Frye Harness Boot. - BUT I WANT THEM.

34. Fur. - Yes. I do. TWO, in fact.

35. Gentleman's Hat.

36. Gloves.

37. Havaianas.

38. Hobo Bag.

39. Hoop Earrings.

40. Investment Bag.

41. iPod.

42. Jeans.

43. Jewelry Pouches.

44. Khakis.

45. Knee Boots.

46. Leather Pants. I'm not a hooker. (But secretly would totally wear them.)

47. Lingerie.

48. Little Black Dress.

49. Little White Dress.

50. L.L. Bean Tote. - What about Land's End? Will that do?

51. Luggage.

52. Mad Money.

53. Men's White Shirt.

54. Mary Janes.

55. Minnetonka Moccasin. - No, I have real shoes.

56. Missoni Knit. - What?

57. Monogrammed Stationery.

58. Motorcycle jacket. - Um. I don't have occasion to ride, so I don't need.

59. Nail Polish.

60. Old Concert T-Shirt.

61. One-Piece Swimsuit.

62. Pajamas.

63. Peacoat.

64. Pearl Necklace.

65. Pencil Skirt.

66. Perfume.

67. Plain White Tee.

68. Polo Shirt.

69. Pucci. - What?

70. Pushup Bra.

71. Quality Champagne. - Not on me. Let me check my secret pocket.

72. Red Lipstick.

73. Robe.

74. Safari Jacket.
- Being that I don't plan to scope out zebras, I think I'm okay.

75. Sandals.

76. Sarong.

77. Signet Ring. - I am not seventeenth century nobility.

78. Silk Scarf.

79. Slippers.

80. Spanx.

81. Statement Necklace.

82. Stilettos.

83. Striped Sailor Shirt.

84. Suit.

85. Sunhat.

86. Trench.

87. Turquoise and Coral Jewelry.
- Not a fan.

88. Tuxedo Jacket. - I am a woman.

89. Umbrella.

90. Underwear. (Okay... does this NEED to be on the list?)

91. Valid Passport.

92. Vans.
- Not even in 1986, when it was super cool.

93. Vintage.

94. Watch.

95. Wayfarers.

96. Wellington Boot. - It never rains, here!

97. Wide-leg Trousers.

98. Wrap Dress.

99. Yoga Gear.

100. Zippered Hoodie.

I have 78 out of a hundred. And 16 out of the 22 I don't have, I just don't have any desire for.
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Comic Book Goddess: general - stewie's huggiesrainpuddle13 on September 2nd, 2011 11:58 pm (UTC)
I so fail at being a girl because I own around ten of these things - Wayfarers (I have ones like Booth's on Bones), monogram stationery, zipper hoodie, underwear, umbrella, pajamas (only cos I just bought them because I'm going on a trip and sharing a hotel room), and I'm going to buy a piece of luggage tomorrow for said trip...

Carrie Leigh: bad examplecarrie_leigh on September 3rd, 2011 03:02 am (UTC)
I almost bought a pair of Wayfarers the other day.

But I lose sunglasses like crazy.