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The Dress, The Weather, The Meme

Little Black Dress From Hell Update:  Success!  I altered it so that I am now sitting on a very narrow strip of black fabric rather than my own knickers.  I also managed to lose a little weight so that my legs don't look like bratwurst encased in fishnet hosiery.  Well, not enormous bratwurst, anyhow.

It is supposed to snow 6-7 inches this weekend.  Listen, Old Man Winter, usually I wouldn't care, but I'm trying to do a show over here, so if you could wait till the Sunday Matinee to bring all that mess in, I'd appreciate it.  (Sundays are when the little old ladies - pink tints and blue rinse- come to see the plays and say "What did she say?!" at the top of their lungs.  Either that or have a nap & snore.  Annoying.)

Ten weird  or little known things about me. 

1.  When I run my hands under warm water (like to do the dishes) I completely zone out.  It's almost like being hypnotized.

2.  I never wanted children until I started dating my husband.

3.  When I have to run crew for a show (moving things on & off during a blackout) it stresses me out WAY more than acting.

4.  Tapioca pudding (the consistency) makes me want to gag.

5.  I have neurotic OCD level fussiness with the couch cushions and throw pillows being exactly where they are supposed to be.  I yell at the boys more for this than anything else.

6.  I have seven fan fictions that were begun but left unfinished last year, and two seperate draft ideas for original novels.

7.  I want desperately to audition for Lonesome West, but the character swears (the big ones) throughout the entire show. 

8.  I haven't given up on the dream of being a star, even though I'm a mommy and live in the sticks.

9.  I'd rather use handkerchiefs than tissues.  The fibers... creep me out.

10.  Everything in my house looks neat and tidy on the outside, but the minute you open a closet door or a drawer, you see the 'real' me.


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