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There's no place like home.

I love the smell of my home. You know, when you've been away, and then you come home, and it just smells like home? I like it.

Vacation: In bullet points. 'Cause I'm tired.

§ I have a billion bug bites. And they are worth it, because the beach ROCKS. I'd live there if I could.

§ Southwest Airlines. The good half makes up for the crappy half.

§ I kicked Nolan's ASS at Scrabble. To be fair, he kicked mine a few times, too.

§ I've had costuming dreams, like nonstop since I've been gone. I need to reeeest.

§ I heart seafood. Good seafood. Not Red Lobster. Red Lobster = no good. Real, fresh, seafood? Awesome. Crabcakes. Lord have mercy.

§ Sanibel Island, Florida is a charming community. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a non-commercialized place to vacation.

§ Nolan and I got a tandem bike to ride around the island. For a few minutes while we were getting used to it, our marriage was touch and go.

§ Nolan says he has hip dysplasia from all the bike riding.

§ That may have been because I let him pedal some. Without any help from me. Hee.

§ The ocean is amazing. How it changes from day to day, how it's never the same experience twice. I love the waves. I love swimming in the ocean. It's made me want to write about it, I love it so much. I have a story idea percolating to write in, you know, all my free time.

§ My friend Jason, who house sat for us and took care of our dogs while we were away, left me Kerby Lane pancake mix he got for us from when he was in Austin last weekend. The pups looked happy and well fed, and I will be too, once I make my favorite Austin pancakes. :)

Here are a few shots, if you're into that. I took over 300 photos, so I showed posting restraint.

A water spout, just offshore... eeek!

I'm obsessed with sunsets, no matter where I am.

The man with the beard. I'm still getting used to it.

Boys at the beach.

Me and the husband.

The view from our condo.

My boys. So cute, the three of them.

That's it. Anything happen while I was away?
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