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14 July 2011 @ 06:12 pm
Okay, seriously.  
So I go to the door, since the neighbor kid is ringing it incessantly, and after I tell him that the boys are otherwise engaged, showering after being at the pool, and once is plenty to ring the bell, I see a situation on the front porch that I find bizarre. The cooler that we use fairly often, with a pillow on top of it.

Huh, that's weird, I think to myself. So I casually pick up the pillow and find what now HAS ITS HOUSE in what was once my cooler.

Like the girl I am, I shrieked.

And I put the pillow back.

And immediately went inside and called up to the boys.

Carrie. Why is there a FROG in my cooler?"

Ethan. Because I put him there.

Me. WHY did you put him there?

Ethan. (grins) He didn't have a cooler of his own. I was sharing.

Ha, bloody ha, blond kid. You're on my list. And you're letting that frog go free, I don't care if he has his own cooler or not.

He looks a little forlorn, if you ask me.

Rest assured, there will be a release of the frog, a scrubbing of the cooler with bleach and soap and anything else frog-repellent that I can think of, and a little chat reminding him that WE ALREADY HAVE TWO PETS in the form of 70 pound Labrador retrievers.

I feel:: horrified
I hear:: Sreaming in my head...
O Demanding One: HP: Ickle Boys ♥heyurs on July 14th, 2011 11:47 pm (UTC)

*cackles out loud* I think he's rather handsome, Carrie. And look how the boys took such great care of him. They didn't put him in an old shoe box and poke some holes in it. They put him in a very natural, friendly environment with a pillow so he would get some air! *nods* Very smart and thoughtful of the boys. ;)