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Ode To My Behind

I have long pondered
that it is not fair
when I'm unable to lose inches
off my derriere.

I've though long and hard
about it's size
and conlude that it has much
to do with fries.

Don't get me wrong,
I like having hips.
It's just that they increase
with what passes my lips.

Exercise, of course
might help.
The thought of which
makes me yelp.

I really wish
I wanted to run.
(You know some people
do that for fun!?)

Alas I fear
this will not be the case
I'll only run
If I'm being chased.

So if you see me
out and around,
I implore you please
tell me, 'Put the cookie down.'

Until I do
the scale won't move
my measurements
they won't improve.

I wouldn't care
except my cellulite
won't seem to leave
without a fight.

And I'm a pacifist.

Tags: crappy poetry

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