Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

I'm sorry, HOW much? Is there REAL dragon in that?

So today was a fantastic day. I mean, I did a little shopping, got a pedicure, saw my husband unexpectedly just before lunch and got a kiss... just really and truly all-around awesome.

You know when I say these things, when I'm too positive, there is always a very large BUT. (Much like my own. Har dee har har.)

I was zipping along I-40 after a Doctor's appointment, needing to get a quick lunch before I picked Aaron up at theatre camp, when my eyes lit upon a sushi place that I'm fond of, but don't go to very often because the husband and the kiddos aren't fans.

I am, though. I LOVE sushi. Big time.

So, like so many other things that happen in my life, on a whim, I stop at the sushi place and go in to sit at the bar. I brought in the 5th Diana Gabaldon book (which I'm still powering through) and ordered my sushi and settled in for a lovely, if solitary lunch.

I asked the server about the special on the board at the front. All I heard was shrimp, lobster and avocado and then a bunch of other stuff that I didn't understand. I held up my hand, ever the continental sushi-orderer, and said, "You had me at shrimp, lobster and avocado. Bring me one of those and a spicy crunchy salmon roll."

I had a great time, alternately reading my book and watching the sushi chef do his thing. The salmon was wonderful, as ever, and the special (The GOLDEN DRAGON) was really, stupendously good. Possibly one of the best rolls I'd ever had. Beautiful, too. Art on a plate. I got full, though and left two of the rolls, feeling satisfied and happy. Until the server brought me the bill.

The "special" on the board? The one that I didn't let him finish explaining about because I thought the language/accent barrier was too much to power through? It was $38.00. Thirty-eight American dollars, y'all. For LUNCH. And that doesn't count the iced tea and the other $7 salmon roll. All of which I stopped for on a whim.

[Here is where you can imagine my husband shouting, "YOU SPENT HOW MUCH?? ON LUNCH?! CARRIE LEIGH!!]

Sorry, baby. Won't happen again.

Probably. It was really, really good, though. ;)

But after I signed the bill, you'll be pleased to know that I sure did fire down those last two rolls.

I felt as if I had to. I owed it to the sushi gods.

And my pocketbook.
Tags: food, i'm an idiot

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