Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh


☂ It's the anniversary of the Allies invasion of Normandy, but more to the point of this post, it's my wedding anniversary. Thirteen years ago, nolankyle and I were married and then proceeded to re-enact storming the beaches of France and a World War II-like battle for the next four years. Fortunately, we achieved peace just shy of nuclear detonation. Good Times.

☂ Summer rocks. I have lain by the pool with a book for the last week, while my kids exhausted themselves playing soccer, basketball, swimming and diving. Life does not get better than that.

☂ There were two wildfires last week; they burned hundreds of acres of land to the north and south of my house, and I can see all of the charred earth when I step outside my front door. We need rain. In a BIG, big way.

☂ The Opening titles of Game of Thrones are mesmerizing. It's like the Sesame Street mini-documentary on making crayons - I can't look away.

☂ I'm still slogging through the Outlander series. Seriously, the woman is wordy to the point of distraction. She uses a hundred words when four would really do - but I still stayed up until 1 am this morning finishing the fourth. So I guess I like them. Really, I like the characters, not the book.

☂ The first six minutes of the new season of True Blood looks... interesting. Here's the link, if you're curious.

☂ My twenty year high school reunion is in October. Twenty. Years. That makes me a little nauseated, frankly, for two reasons. One: Twenty years, and two, twenty damn years. Ugh. I hope I'm at least thin by then.
Tags: anniversary, book rec, books, life is fabulous, television

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