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Paul Simon wrote a song...

About the Sounds of Silence.  My sweet, adorable, handsome husband took my little boys fishing today.  They left at 5:30.  They even took the dog.  I am alone, and I am about blissed out, actually.  Very nice to not have to make someone breakfast or get them dressed, etc.

My first readthrough is today and I'm excited.  I still cannot believe my luck in getting this part.  The other girl probably had some heinous conflicts or something.  That, or I am the very best actress in the world and some parts of Western Europe, and that sounds a bit conceited, so I'll just go with the first.

I should probably use the time alone to get caught up on house work.  But I probably won't.  I've got three movies from netflix just begging me to have a marathon on the couch.

So, here I go...  oh, and I just read Pud's great Draco and Ginny mail order bride contest, and several of the fics were beyond excellent...  liked the concept very much, and was heartily entertained.

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