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Cute Kid Story with a lesson about the royal order of succession?

Good morning, all.

I'm covered up with all of the things that I have to do today and this weekend - and I have some pretty great stories to share about life in the last few days, but here's a cute kid/royal wedding story for you Friday morning reading pleasure.

(Ethan and Aaron come downstairs whilst Carrie is drinking a cup of coffee and watching the news coverage of the royal wedding (because she was busy sleeping during the live event), and the boys see the "countdown to the kiss" on the television screen.)

Ethan. What's this?

Carrie. The royal wedding. Prince William got married.

Ethan. Royal... who?

Carrie. He's going to be the King of England one day, maybe.

(There was a long discussion here about order of succession and what would have to happen in order for William to become king, involving Ethan's incredulous exclamation that the Queen was still living.)

Ethan. So why are you watching? He's not going to be over us (meaning the United States), right?

Carrie. Er, no. Unlikely.

Aaron. (watching the video of Kate) She's really pretty.

Ethan. Oh, yeah. She is.

(We then continue to watch the countdown, with interjections from the boys in the line of, "Shouldn't people dress up to go to a wedding?" and me assuring them that "they're only in the crowd, and maybe t-shirts are fine for that." And all of a sudden, William and Kate do a very quick kiss on the balcony.)

Ethan. That was it?

Carrie. What were you expecting?

Ethan. I don't know, something! I've been sitting here for twenty minutes!

(the couple kisses again)

Ethan. That one wasn't any better.

Carrie. I think it's sweet.

Ethan. (shakes his head) You would. What a girl. (Aaron pats Carrie).

We did headshots for the show the other night, and the photographer posts the ones that don't quite make it to her facebook page. I can't even remember what I was laughing about.

Because my mother cares, and will read this soon, this photo accompanied this article in the paper about the show. I, inexplicably, am the only girl not looking at the camera. Go figure.
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