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A Professional Corpse

So I pride myself on being a professional actress.  I work for a very professional theatre.  They do things right, for the most part, they don't cut corners, have and have real artists that do the sets, costumes, etc.  Professional pride.

God.  You know what pride comes before, right, Carrie?

Carrie.  (raises hand)  A fall?

God.  Correct, Carrie.  5 points to Slytherin.  (Is God somehow Professor Snape in this scenario?  I hope not.)

I have always memorized my lines and tried not to bump into the furniture (sage words of wisdom from Dennis Maher).  I always stay in character while onstage.  It's the professional thing to do.  I've looked down my nose and huffed at actors that didn't.  Last night, it all went to hell.  The professionalism...  the not bumping into the furniture...  

When an actor gets tickled (laughs, giggles) on stage, and can't control it, it's called "corpsing."  I dunno why, It's one of those things I vaguely remember from college.  It had never happened to me, not till last night.

Here's the way the dialogue went.


(Felix and Cecily and Gwendolyn (me) have just been having a good cry; Oscar has come back into the room and is disgusted with Felix for screwing up his date)

Oscar.  (to Felix) I can't leave you alone for 5 seconds.  Well if you really want to cry, go look at your London Broil.

Felix.  (rushes madly into the kitchen)  Oh, my gosh!  Why didn't you call me?  I told you to call me!

Oscar.  I'm sorry girls, I forgot to warn you about Felix.  He's a walking Soap Opera.

(from the kitchen, we hear the loudest, girliest shriek imaginable - think Nathan Lane from "The Birdcage.")

Gwendolyn.  I think he's the dearest thing I ever met.


Only I can't say that last line, because I'm having to turn upstage and put my drink in front of my face to keep the director from seeing me laugh.  It was a good 15 or 20 seconds before I could get it together to deliver the line.  It's a good thing we're a week and a half out from preview night.  Maybe it won't be as funny to me then.

I seriously doubt it.  It's freaking hysterical.

Then, in the second scene, I bumped into the occasional table by the chair. THAT HAS BEEN THERE SINCE DAY ONE.  Not only did I do that, I also broke character by letting out a mild swear moderately loudly.  So, all in all, not my finest hour as an actress.  Ah, how the mighty have fallen.

On an altogether different note...  why do parents lose their damn minds when driving while dropping their kids off for school?  Does anyone know?
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