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Sewing: A table runner tutorial.

I bet you're all sitting out there thinking, "Oh, thank GOD. That's just what I needed on this Monday morning to make my life complete. A table runner tutorial."

Or perhaps you're not as cynical and jaded as I am, and you've clicked on the link thinking, "Oh, fun. I'll check this out."

Either way, hi. Happy Monday. (Even though that's an oxymoron.) *waves* And a happy birthday to my saby bister Emily, who is five years younger. Not that I resent her for being five years younger. I don't. Much. Hope it's a great one, Em.

So a friend of mine works at a very fancy furniture store here in town and every so often, she brings me remnants, or the samples of upholstery that they have in the store so that the fancy people that shop there can decide what pattern they want their new sofa to be. The powers that be at the couch companies discontinue fabric a LOT, so I tip my hat to them. Thanks, unnamed sofa folks. And thanks to my friend Tammy and her husband who schlep the fabric over to my house. I love fabric. And I simply ADORE free, high quality, gorgeous fabric. It's like Christmas, Easter and the tooth fairy coming all at once.

Anyway, I Have all this fabric. And I remember a year (or so) ago, my mother sent me an email with a link to a crafting/sewing blog with a message instructing me to make whatever it was on the link. I get those a lot. "I don't have time to do this, but here. You do it." Mom's emails make me smile. They usually start in the middle of a thought, but the thing is, I totally know where she's coming from AND where she's going. Long story short, I can't remember the link, only what there was a picture of: A table runner, centerpiece thingy made from circles of pretty fabric.

So that's what we're doing here, today. Try to contain your excitement.

Fistly, you cut out circles of fabric. You'll need two of each size and color. If I were really cool, I would have made cardboard stencils of each size. As it was, I used these.

That's a paper plate and a Fiestaware saucer. And what's not pictured is my empty coffee cup that I may or may not have used. But I did. I won't lie.

With right sides together, sew leaving a small seam allowance. Leave space to turn it right side out.

Like so.

Forgive the pepto pink nail polish. Every time I don't get red polish, I remember why I ALWAYS GET RED POLISH. Blush and bashful aren't good colors for someone who does not, nor ever will have, a tan.

Once it's turned right side out, press. This is a pretty crucial step. If you don't have time to iron, you don't have time to sew. True fax.

Then I topstitched around the edge. Because I like the way it looks. And there was no one here to stop me.

Repeat as many times as you deem necessary.

Then go to the table, or in my case, the kitchen island that you intend to use said runner, and arrange them in a pattern that pleases your discerning eye.

Then pin. Pin early, pin often. Really, really pin well. I mean it. Pin like the wind. Pin like there's no tomorrow. PIN LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT.

Then sew that bad boy together. And place your almost dead vase of daisies on it and call it good.

God forbid you should press it again before you take a picture. Because that would have taken another whole ten seconds.

Anyway, tutorial over. If you find yourself with an overabundance of fabric (if, indeed there IS such a thing,) make one of these. Even my boys, who never notice anything aesthetically pleasing unless it tastes good while they're shoveling it into their mouths, said, "Oh, hey, Mom. That's cool."

It's COOL. You heard it here, first.
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