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Made to Fit: Amarillo Little Theatre and the Texas Panhandle

Remember that time I got to dress up and wear expensive jewelry? And then when I made the purple spider sparkle dress? The museum exhibit that it was all for had the opening last night. Fun times!

I've lost some weight, but I think another 20 lbs. or so would satisfy me. And I'd be able to wear anything in my closet.

My husband, he is cute.

The purple spider sparkle dress, in all its glory, next to a FABULOUS dress from Gypsy.

Only they didn't call it the purple spider sparkle dress. Hmph.

My red dress didn't get a mannequin, sadly. But the one I MADE did. Good trade. :D

Me, 20 lbs. ago.

All the pretty girls from the shoot. What fun!

If I could do that all the time, life would be super fun.

Anyway, all you friends in Amarillo, you really need to go check out the exhibit. It's nine kinds of cool. :D
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