Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Badder than old King Kong, Meaner than a junkyard dog.

☆ There are nine billion things that I should be doing: Listening to my score, trying to rehearse my score, prepping food for home group, getting ready to go to the library for my shift, having some sort of balanced breakfast (since a pot of coffee and a piece of cheese that hung over the edge of the sandwich AJ made for lunch doesn't really count), vacuuming, etc. I won't list them all here, because nine billion is, as you know, a buttload. You can use those terms interchangeably, fyi. You're welcome.

☆ I did ten loads of laundry yesterday. That is NOT hyperbole. In those ten loads, I fished out both the boys' wallets, seventy-two cents, several candy wrappers, one empty ziploc baggie and a lego. In one of those loads, I washed (and halfway dried) the core of a pear. I'm planning a talk with the kids about emptying their pockets before they put their jeans in the laundry.

☆ Sometimes I find it difficult to be around people. The annoyance factor is pretty high. And sometime I lack the control to monitor what comes out of my mouth in response to them.

☆ I think I'm going to have to give up on NBC's Chuck. I haven't made it through ONE episode this year. I really liked it in the beginning, but now... Blah. In related news, if John Krasinski wasn't on The Office, I wouldn't be watching that, either. I am, however, looking forward to the rest of the season of Bones. And not just because of David Boreanaz. Okay, mostly because of David Boreanaz.

☆ There was live music at the restaurant in which we dined last night; I scandalized my ten year old with the lyrics to Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, and have since altered the lyrics to "...Baddest man in the whole DARN town." *sigh*

☆ My daffodils are in full bloom and my other bulbs (tulips irises, hyacinth) are emerging. I know some of you loathe it, but I adore Spring (I don't suffer from seasonal allergies, so that's a plus). I can wear lighter clothes, the flowers bloom and the grass turns green, and I don't have to worry about driving in the ice and snow. It's awesome. (And not awesome in the surfer, teenager, vernacular - I'm talking awesome in the Old Testament version of the definition. I mean AWESOME.)

☆ If you're going to hug someone, commit. Don't do affection halfway. If you don't want to commit to a hug, refrain. It's just that simple.

☆ And thus endeth Carrie's observations on life for Wednesday. Have a good one, all.
Tags: ch, miscellaneous, music, random, television, the office

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