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My television addiction. Brought to you today by the letters BBC, CW, and FOX

I need to talk about some shows.


Oh, gosh. Becky was holding a water bucket at the opining Cheerios fire extravaganza! WHY DIDN'T SHE THROW WATER ON SOMEONE?! Oh, because it was a bucket of false breasts. Of course Sue wouldn't have her sidekick standing by with life-saving water. Boobs. That's what she had. Figures.

Is it wrong that I really sort of like Karofsky? DAVID, even? His name is DAVID? That makes him more approachable, somehow. Less of an in-the-closet-homophobic bastard. And when he smiles, he's totally cute. If I were the type to write fan fiction, I'd totally write something sappy about him because of all his cuteness in this ep.

How Jane Lynch makes a line about raccoon hormones work for her interpretation while writing in her journal is nothing short of artistic. Way to commit, Jane Lynch. WAY TO COMMIT.

Coach Bieste ate a whole roasted chicken and a carton of OJ for lunch. Funny AND gross.

Showtunes are the music of the black kid's oppressors. *snort* Thank you writers. Sometime I feel like you're writing just for me.

Sue's temper tantrum? Gold. Not being able to throw the medicine ball? Priceless. The Suepocalypse? Yes, please.

I want a zombie double rainbow. Brittney. Oh, Brittney.

Okay. Fast forward to the football player Zombies/Santana (the band not the character)/She's Not There Zombie number. No one is more of a fan of Cory Monteith than me. Seriously. He's adorable. But his dancing even sucks AS A ZOMBIE, the poor baby. The verisimilitude, however, is comforting. Having personally tried to get high school football players to look like they aren't having an epileptic seizure while dancing is tough. So I respect it. That and he's so stinking cute, even if he IS uncoordinated. *Finn Love*

The hockey team had mullets. *Dies laughing*

The Warblers. Erm. That was uncomfortable. I hate those jackets. And they're misusing the talents of Kurt. I'm ready for that storyline to die, even if the head warbler is Harry Potter.

The Thriller number? The costumes? The Yeah Yeah Yeahs? The dancing (minus sweet Cory?) Karofsky DAVID not being an asshole for two seconds? PERFECT. Heather Morris is a star. They cannot make her look chorus even with film edits. She's that good.

Katie Couric. No. Just NO. Sue calling her Diane Sawyer? Yes.

The only thing I'm more vehement about saying NO to is the Finn/Quinn kiss. NO FREAKING WAY. It made me growly. And what about her big-lipped boyfriend? What about HIM? Don't be a whore, Quinn. That was so last season. That said, Diana Agron is so pretty and has a lovely voice, even if she does sound like she has a head cold all the time.

The Glee love is intact. Carry on.

Every episode without Hannah in it is a good one for me. And Bones and Booth in the car? Giggling? They had to have thrown that in for all the disappointed fans this season. And it was totally worth it. The communal giggling. I don't care if it was OOC or not, it made me smile.

Even if it was right after the actor-delivered Toyota commercial that is in the middle of EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. I have a Sequoia, and I'm always waiting to see what it can do. Maybe Booth will teach me how to set the radio stations one day. I've had the thing since 2007 and I've thus far been unable. Lots of Pruis love, but nothing for the Sequoia.

Anyway, back to Hannah. I get it, from a character development POV. But I'm officially tired of it. I love this show. I want my old UST and a progression of THAT storyline.

And Hannah's hair is too perfect. I don't like people whose hair is better than mine. ;)

And I get that's what they're trying to do. But UGH.

The other storylines are nice. I like Cam's doctor, and I dig the Hodgela baby stuff. I love Wendell. What they've done to Clark is weird, though. Does anyone agree? Nolan and I just looked at each other like WTH? Who body-snatched Clark?

Bones love is intact. Carry on.


First of all, I love Caroline. And the fact that they tortured her in this ep was heartbreaking - the physical torture AND the impending psychological torture. Oh, MATT! He needs to know everything. Matt's cool. He could take it. Maybe. Hopefully. Now that I think about it, probably not. Er.

I keep running across Tyler/Caroline Fan fic. *curls lip* I'm a Matt/Caroline girl. There's NONE of that. If you know of some, hook me up!

Stefan continues to be milquetoast. I hate him less than I did at the end of last season, if only because he's nice to Caroline.

But DAMON. Damondamondamon... I bet I say, "Oh, Damon," at least twelve times an episode. At then end, before the bubble bath reporter girl (who was the equivalent of the red-shirted ensign at the beginning of a Star Trek Episode) bit it, (or got bit, har dee har har) her line about love changing us into the people that we are was hopeful for poor Damon. For about two seconds, until he ate her.

Vampire Diaries Love intact.


*Frowns at this season*

Castiel is little mister bringdown, isn't he?

The dialogue writers still do a great job for these characters. Dean especially. The overarching plot is bizarre, and I guess that really - where do they have to go from where they've been? But the dialogue is great.

I'm glad Sammy is back in all his emo glory. Having him be a t-1000 was not right, though Jared Padelecki did a great job acting it. And is it possible for that kid's shoulders to get any broader? Oh, my WORD. They're going to have trouble finding him shirts if he keeps getting bigger. Not that I'm complaining.

Love it when Dean read from the girl's diary. Sam's reaction and, "I think I delivered it," was priceless.

"Being easy's pretty much all upside." Man, I love Dean. And the bit with the sword in the stone was pretty awesome, too.

The plot, though, she leaves me cold.


So I watched the whole of BH in a week, right before series three premiered, and I'm really loving it. I feel a little guilty not having paid my dues with the rest of the fangirls, time wise, for the BIG RELATIONAL PLOT POINT (read: Mitchell/Annie kissing stuff) that happened this past week, but I like it. George is a DOLL. A DOLL, I tell you. I just want to squeeze him and hug him and love him. And furry babies! Eeee!

And Becoming Human is cute. Adam is really great. British humor slays me. NOTHING is out of bounds. It's fantastic. I think they should make it into an actual series, though. They're shortchanging the actors with only the webisodes.

I think that's all the news that's fit to type. Anything I missed?
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