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The Purple Spider Sparkle Dress: A story in pictures!

It's the story of the Purple Spider Sparkle Dress, as I've come to affectionately call it. It's the hardest thing I've ever constructed. And I didn't get to finish all of it because I got sick. That makes me die a little inside, but I'll sally forth. The dress is for Kiss of the Spider Woman, which opens tonight, as it happens!

I started out with this. Grey sparkly fabric, purple spidery fabric, and a give 'em hell attitude.

And turned it first, into this.

And then this, which I later took apart and re-sewed ... make this. (No visible seams, you see.)

And then the actress playing the Spider Woman (her name is Camille) tried it on for me. She's a pretty girl, don't you agree?

Then the the powers that be (and it seemed that there were a LOT when it came to this particular dress), decided that they wanted a slit up the right side of the dress. One heck of a slit, if you ask me. No one did, but I'm just saying.

And then, in every one of the middle of the spider webs, I sewed a little jewel. I actually bought out the stock of these suckers at JoAnn's.

That's dedication, in case you were wondering.

And here is the tiniest possible professional picture of the finished product, courtesy of Chriselda Photography. Got a better picture of the dress, Chriselda? Those are great shots of the STARS of the show and all, but come on! Give the people what they want to see! The PSSD!

Oh, no, wait. Maybe that's just me.

See? Way up in the corner in the amber spot? That's the Purple Spider Sparkle Dress.
Can't wait to see it in action. I'm going tomorrow. Everyone break a leg!
Tags: costumes, sewing, theatre

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