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100+ Things to be Happy About

*my husband
*my kids' sunshine-y attitudes
*Dr. Werner, and Summer, her nurse
*hot baths in the princess tub
*an empty Wal-Mart
*wonderful friends, new and old, who make you feel special
*corn chowder
*creme brulee
*good vacuum cleaners
*Katie Bell and Abbey Road
*pretty scarves
*Shoesshoesshoesshoes. Shoes count as like four entries.
*the Amarillo Little Theatre
*a good hairdresser
*giving compliments
*losing weight
*my bed
*my home
*my twisted imagination
*my daddy
*people who appreciate sarcasm
*sewing beautiful dresses for beautiful people
*coke zero
*hot chocolate
*the elliptical is four feet away instead of in a gym across town
*fictional characters
*good books
*my mother's many charms and talents
*Emily, her family, and my soon to be born new little niece
*nieces and nephews
*the in-laws. All of them!
*a fresh new set of paints
*impending vacations
*free stuff
*getting mail
*scented lotions
*when the dogs keep my feet warm
*time to do the things I love
*Messiah's House and my church family
*the smell of clean laundry
*Agent Seeley Booth
*mystery novels
*the ability to discern bull from the truth
*Fancy dresses
*throw pillows
*my husband's sense of humor
*BBC America
*easy things that look hard
*Home group
*panes of glass between me and the outdoors
*the sound of my dogs snoring
*the color red
*physical health and well being
*serving dinner
*feeding people
*silly holidays
*Big Bang Theory
*Nathan Fillion, and everything he's ever been in
*warm, fuzzy blankets
*good theatre
*thoughtful critics
*beautiful costumes
*restoration drama
*good neighbors
*unexpected pleasures
*forgotten gift certificates
*gin and tonics with lime
*good red wine
*mediocre red wine
*friends that are like family
*Jeffrey Dean Morgan
*myths and legends
*reading scripts
*good acting
*talented people
*exerted effort that pays off
*good manners
*....and people that aren't bastards. ;)

Past lists...

My kids are home sick with strep... again. Not a perfect way to spend the day, but it could be worse. At least it's not the flu. :)
Tags: 100+ things that make me happy

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