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Pay It Forward

As I'm being currently entertained by my handsome husband playing the Nazi Zombies feature on the new X-Box 360 Black Ops game ("Stupid, goosestepping,Nazi Zombie, jackwagon pieces of crap!"), I thought I'd make a departure for looking up how to beat the silly game online for him and post something of substance.

Because among all the frivolity, a little substance must lie, right?

Or something.

Anyway, this is the time of year when the commercials and advertisements as a whole really step up their game and the tide of peace and goodwill overwhelms me. The result is that my normally misanthropic nature turns into a puddle of goo, and I'm forced to reach outside my nature and love my fellow man.

Or something.

I love to post a livejournal holiday wish list and fill wishes on others, but this year I'm thinking outside the scope of the internet. You've seen those pay it forward ads, right? Or you at least saw the movie, or at the very least understand the concept? I'm all about that. And I don't mind it starting with me, you know? Karma, baby!

Things you can do to start making the world a nicer place:

1. Buy the coffee for the person in line behind you at the drive-thru.

2. Pay the fare for the car behind you at the toll booth.

3. Give a little extra something to your waitress or server at a restaurant above and beyond 20% - or leave them a note complimenting their service.

4. Buy the movie ticket for the person behind you in line (at a matinee!).

5. Offer your seat on the subway or bus to a senior, pregnant woman or person with special needs.

6. Scrape the ice off the windows of other cars on your street.

7. Help a mother (or father) with an infant or toddler put groceries in her (or his) car.

8. Help someone with a flat tire or impaired vehicle (even if only to offer use of your cell phone, should they lack one).

9. Write a letter of praise to the manager of a store detailing the outstanding service you received from one of their employees.

10. Compliment someone’s smile, eyes, hair, outfit, shoes, etc.

11. Allow someone with fewer items to get ahead of you in the check-out line.

12. Let the driver with their turn signal on pull out in front of you.

13. Hold the door open for someone else.

14. Fill someone else's holiday wish list, if you can.

15. Send snail mail (or an email or message someone on Facebook, for crying out loud) for the sole reason to brighten thier day.

Little things make a big difference. And a kind word means a lot.
Tags: free advice, karma's a bitch, kindness, lists, random, see! i'm not a total bitch

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