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It was like a gem studded, photo-filled, pretty girl Disneyland!

I totally missed my calling.

If ever there was someone who loved dressing up, wearing jewelry, furs and diamonds, and having people tell them how pretty they are, IT IS ME.

Pretty is as pretty does, though.  It's a true statement of fact.  Mom said.

Hairspray and mascara doesn't hurt, though.

The pictures are just the ones we shot with our own cameras, and some I stole off facebook from the other girls.  We have to wait until December for the professional ones.  But these capture the spirit of it all.

There was a lot of standing in three and a half inch heels and waiting around.  But when you're waiting in a fur and in a feather boa, and a bazillion dollars worth of precious stones, it really takes some of the sting out of it.

LOOK AT THE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF DIAMONDS I HAVE ON.    I actually shrieked like that scene in Pretty Woman when he opened the case for the necklace.  And the bracelet.  And I have on 10 carat diamond earrings that my stupid hair is covering.  And a diamond and garnet ring.  LHM, I want to wear other people's jewelry for a living, it was so fun.

This is Annika's picture.  She's the one in the blue.  But it's a great quote.

This represents seven different show's worth of costumes.  It was before the photographer started setting up his shot.  Aren't these girls all so pretty?  And they're even pretty on the inside, too.  There were no divas.  Just folks, you know?  And even two other moms, besides me.

And we vamp.

Me and my sweet friend Jason.

Camille and me.

Just me.

Would I like to be forty pounds thinner?  Yeah, maybe.  Did I have a fanfreakingtastic time, anyway?  I sure did.  I loved every second of it.  My solo shot was me in a plexiglass display case, like a (sort of chubby) mannequin.  Can't WAIT to see those shots.
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