Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Tom Sawyer Pics

This is one of those posts for Granny, so she can see all the cute. If you like cute pictures of theatre kids, you can stay, too.

Ethan as Jeff Thatcher!  Personally, I dig the hat.  I think he ought to wear one of those all the time.

All of the Thatchers:  Jeff, Becky and The Judge.  I didn't catch the judge's first name.  And I love that the two older Thatchers have braces.  :)

Ethan and Emma, the little girl we carpooled with.

And then, like the heinous and awful Mom I am, I made him do it AGAIN.  SMILE RIGHT, ETHAN CONRAD!

And this is Aaron.  It's crazy hair day today at his elementary school.  BEST DAY OF THE YEAR.  :D

My friend Stephanie just brought back the platter that we trade back and forth all filled up with goodies, so I'm going to go have some breakfast. Tra la la!
Tags: aaron, ethan, hair, picture, theatre

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