Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

A Seriously Random List

After thinking that today would be chock full of STUFF that I had to do, I find myself home, sipping on a homemade cafe mocha, and sitting.

*I like sitting.

*It annoys me when restaurant restrooms have some clever indication on the doors instead of simply reading "Women" or "Ladies." I don't want to think, I just want to pee. Thank God for the braille placards that have the right words.

*Sometimes yellow lights were meant to be run. Think about that, Amarillo drivers.

*I'm tired of all the pumpkin recipes, food blogs of the world. Gross. Please stop.

*Writing, after not having done so in nearly a YEAR, is hard. Really hard. I haven't lost the impetus, but I'm clearly out of practice.

*Carpooling is GENIUS. Whoever came up with it gets two gold stars and a kiss.

*My grandmother had a stroke last Wednesday, but is in therapy now and may even get to go back to her own home in a few weeks. I think that's brilliant and miraculous! Amen.

*Still disappointed in Bones and Castle. Boo, hiss.

*That science experiment list from a few posts back? The eight year-old's. I have bigger problems than I thought.

*I've started a new bag design, and it is CUTE. More work, but CUTE. Did I mention that it was cute?

*I've planted over 250 bulbs and separated a crapload of irises over the past few weeks. I want to see the flowers. Now. Alas, I won't get to until spring. Delayed gratification sucks out loud. Can anyone identify?

*The priority inbox feature on gmail is wonderful.

*Time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. I do so love making those lists.

*Don't forget to enter November's contest, HERE. Tell me what you're thankful for, and win a prize. Maybe. :D
Tags: life is fabulous, lists, random

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